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Exein CLI

Secure your firmware by easily integrating the Exein CLI in your development cycle.

  • Install Exein inside your firmware
  • Train custom security models
  • Build your firmware with Exein
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Monitor the status of your projects and resources using Exein dashboard.

  • Manage your account with Exein
  • Monitor your projects
  • Authenticate with Exein CLI
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Beta program

Analyze the security of your firmware using Exein Firmware Analyzer.

  • Check your firmware for CVEs
  • Uncover weaknesses in third-party code inside your software
  • Easily fix your firmware vulnerabilities
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Exein CLI

Exein Command Line Interface (CLI) is a simple tool for Linux that lets you install Exein security framework directly inside your firmware. It is designed to be as easy as possible to use: we handle all the security in the background so that you can just focus on developing your application.

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Exein is your starting point into the world of embedded security. Register your account and start building secure IoT applications. Monitor your projects and the custom security models you train using Exein CLI.

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Exein Firmware Analyzer

Exein Firmware Analyzer analyzes your firmware to find vulnerabilities and fix them. EFA provides a software composition analysis (SCA) solution for managing third-party components. It provides a solution for handling security risks and uncovers known vulnerabilities and common software weaknesses in third-party code used in your embedded software.

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