Security of Things

Exein IDS support for multiple standard protocols: Lightweight and simple to use.

Why Exein IDS


Exein IDS is provided as a containerized solution, meaning you can deploy it on any cloud or in-house environment you like, regardless of the underlying platform.


Its detection engine is protocol-agnostic, making it flexible enough to not only support common network protocols but also giving it the ability to integrate with custom protocols with ease. Well-known protocols are supported by default, and custom-made or obscure protocols can easily be added to the IDS dissection engine just by writing and plugging-in a new protocol dissection module.


It can be customized to meet your needs: new protocols, API integrations and detection rules can be created for a specific set of needs. It also features a fully equipped configuration API that lets you enable/disable modules, rule packs and functionalities.

How Exein IDS Works

It can broadcast alerts to multiple json REST APIs over HTPP/S at once and new API integrations can easily be implemented, making Exein IDS a perfect option to use as both a trigger for remediation systems and a source for reporting tools. New SIEMs, log aggregators and remediation systems can be integrated with ease by defining a new API payload format and target URL.

Support for multiple alert and logs systems

The IDS uses active probing and passive network traffic sniffing to recognize the devices on the network and maintain a network inventory.

Automatic network discovery and inventory

Integrating the IDS with the Exein platform bad updates trying to brick the devices, introduce arbitrary vulnerabilities and backdoors can be detected.

Bad firmware update detection