The Italian firmware security startup comes on the scene. Exein gained the highest startup pavilion attendance and ranked among the highest for all pavilions.

What is Exein?

Exein is a firmware cybersecurity framework that functions as an antibody within IoT/SCADA/ICS devices, ensuring they resist attacks against their own firmware. Attacking the firmware of these devices affects the physical world, jeopardizing people and things.

The Italian startup, a one-of-a-kind in all of Europe and among only five worldwide, fights the immense security threat posed by connected smart devices and their firmware vulnerabilities. Even if IoT and smart connected platforms are well protected and optimized through the latest security standards—firmware is not. Further, manufacturers aim to make hardware as economical as possible. As a consequence, the firmware-allocated budget is insufficient and only 1% is assigned to security. This makes for enormous vulnerabilities.

What is Cybertech Europe?

Cybertech is cybersecurity’s international fair featuring the latest technological innovations, threats, and solutions in IT security. Participants can meet all the key players within the international cyber arena.

Cybertech’s Startup Pavilion is dedicated to emerging security companies. Here, the Exein solution was exhibited for the first time. During the conference, the team worked continuously on more than 40 live firmware exploitation demos, making it an unprecedented event. The Roman startup’s stand had the most visitors. It had the highest startup pavilion attendance and the second-highest among all Cybertech pavilions.

Gianni Cuozzo, Exein CEO, comments on the results:

I am proud of Exein’s work. Exein is an Italian-based team with a global horizon. We have worked hard over these months to develop this unique product, and we are quite pleased with the outcome. We are proud to be among the world’s few to work on such pioneering subjects and to give voice to what is perhaps the lesser-known Italian spirit.