Services to meet your needs

Our services seek to help different stakeholders perform security compliance checks as well as risk assessments on the IoT and connected industrial devices.

How Exein services work

Our approach eliminates the false positives and negatives commonly produced by automated tools while discovering race conditions and architectural flaws.

Binary firmware

The only asset needed is the binary firmware image of the analysis target device. As an alternative to the binary firmware image, Exein also accepts the target device of the analysis. Exein takes care of the binary firmware image extraction.

Reverse Engineer

Exein's binaries reverse engineer services for firmware provides static and dynamic binary analysis for IoT and industrial devices.

Firmware Analysis

Using both automated tools and expert manual analysis, Exein engineers provide a complete target firmware security analysis consisting of the widest possible number of security flaws.

Included in Binary analysis

The necessary steps for the most general cases are listed below. Note that they are not all always needed.

  • Firmware extraction
  • Deobfuscation
  • Embedded device security software analysis
  • Analysis of bootloaders/update mechanisms
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Blackbox analysis
  • Retrofitting of security features to revamp EoL devices