Devices are secure within

Through the years threats from outside have been prevented by acting from the outside. Now Exein changes the paradigm, and security is moved inside the device where full business-logic lies.

All Firmware Types

Firmware comes in various shapes and technology; there's no standard. Exein comes in as many forms as firmware does letting support for any firmware past and present.

Self Monitoring

Being capable of self monitor permits the device the business continuity even when no connection is available.


Exein solution is Tailor-made & self-compiled for the specific device

For IoT Developers

An SDK to develop secure firmware for IoT

The Exein SDK allow producers to build already secure firmware integrating self-monitoring technologies enabling a device to protect itself against known and unknown threats. SDK available as plug-in eg. Yocto or Buildroot

For IoT customers

Retrofit features on already existing firmware

Exein revives the already existing device whose firmware is no more maintained by their producers or it is too costly for producers to mend , injecting the logic they need to survive in a world more hostile and rich of threats with respect to the time they were built.

For IoT scientist

Run-time anomaly detection and integrity checking

An advanced technology based on machine learning which profiles the system behavior at hardware abstraction level, allowing improper or malicious behavior to be detected in the exact attempt instant. Same technology ensures also the firmware does not change while it runs to make sure it run only the intended code and preventing any malicious code to be executed.

For IoT vendors

Secure boot

Secure the boot eliminates the weakest point of every CPU based system. Exein technology lets mutual authentication between application and bootloader code.

Network Fingerprint obfuscation

Sun Tzu taught us about know the enemy. The obfuscation that Exein provides aim to confuse the enemy, preventing an occasional bad guy from doing anything by randomizing the hardware fingerprint to unauthorized netwroks crawlers and scanners.

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Security is learned not programmed

A technology that lets devices learn what’s right and what’s wrong providing protection from known and unknown threats.

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  • Storage metrics
  • Communication usage
  • Memory usage
  • CPU metrics
  • Embedded Threat intelligence compatible with major SIEMs