Keep your firmware components secure

Why Exein CVE

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Analyze your firmware

Exein CVECheck analyzes your firmware to find vulnerabilities and fix them. CVECheck provides a software composition analysis (SCA) solution for managing third-party components. IIt provides a solution for handling security risks; it uncovers known vulnerabilities and common software weaknesses in third-party code used in your embedded software.

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Manage security from development to execution

Exein CVECheck helps you to identify code with known vulnerabilities at each stage in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) from being released in the firmware image.

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Find and fix security vulnerabilities

Exein CVECheck finds and suggests fixes for security vulnerabilities. Our solution automatically finds vulnerabilities and detects only CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) that influence your specific firmware.

How Exein CVE works

Vulnerability Monitoring

Exein CVECheck continuously analyzes your firmware components to search for possible security problems. It searches for known vulnerabilities and common software weaknesses in CVEs database and other sources of vulnerability. The result is a dashboard with all the vulnerabilities found.

Vulnerability Management

Exein CVEcheck provides an intuitive dashboard which displays the vulnerabilities detected, sortable by score, impact, and other features so that these vulnerabilities can be managed and prioritized.

Vulnerability Mitigation

Exein CVECheck provides mitigation, suggested fixes and, if available, patches for vulnerable code. When a patch is available, it sends an alert to the developers to reduce exposure to risks due to third-party code.