In this unprecedented historical moment, Exein has chosen to put the safety of its workers first. Exein has always considered its collaborators as real members of a large family. This is why it has taken out the UnipolSai “AndràTuttoBene” policy to guarantee all its collaborators protection in case of COVID-19 infection. Gianni Cuozzo, CEO, expresses his sense of responsibility and protection toward his employees by addressing them with these words: “Some of you have young children and others are at their first work experience. This situation has involved everyone—people with more experience and younger people. I feel the moral and social responsibility for each of you.

My action has always been guided by the principle of creating common value. You are not just an asset or a productive output to me, but rather people I have chosen and who have chosen Exein’s vision. The socialist and Marxist drift that is leading this country puts at risk all the principles of collaboration between “entrepreneurs and collaborators,” trying to ignite the owner-worker clash. I will never allow this sense of conflict to affect the fantastic harmony of our company. I have selected you for your freedom in expressing your talent, and I will protect this condition.

As you know, I care about freedom more than anything else in the world. To give an additional guarantee to you and your families, we have, therefore, decided to extend your medical protection. As you know, you benefit from complementary health insurance. However, we have taken out an additional specific policy for the COVID-19 emergency that aims to protect you and your families during this delicate health crisis. The whole Board of Exein has approved this motion and all of them and myself thank you again for everything you have done, are doing, and will do for our and your company.” This health insurance covers any hospitalization, subsequent recovery, and care due to the virus. Exein deemed this measure necessary to further protect the health of all those belonging to the company, as well as their loved ones.